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kite with fish

a pleasing conceit

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I have an lj account because I like the fandom presence on lj. But I post much more about my life beyond and in fandom on my DreamWidth account (see web page), and I suggest you go there if you want to get to know me better.

Ok, fine.
This is my fandom focused journal- I have another personal journal, and if you are really burningly desirous of reading about my daily life, I will probably friend you here so that you can find that one and read at least the public posts there.

But, for the most part, I am a fandom lurker who's on the fence about getting more involved in it- I would write fic, but am afraid to risk the criticism, and there is no particular fandom in which I feel really, really drawn to write.

That said, I love beyond words certain aspects of fandom- the joy of finding someone who shares your thoughts, the fun of analyzing aspects of the stuff to death, the sheer girl-oriented awesome that is large part of fandom. I love it, and I wish I had time for more of it.

I'm a grad student at a grad-student-dominated university in the US, and am willing to chatter on and on and on about a number of subjects.